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SyncBack has established itself as foremost within the field of backup and synchronization software system. whether or not you are advanced user or a beginner , reception or work, SyncBack must ensures your data, best and most beneficial plus, remains protected.

           Backup - defend your information

           Restore - Recover your lost files simply

           Ensure Copy Open Files - Backup live documents

           Versioning - Keep previous versions

           Help in Incremental Backups - will what\'s needed

           FTP and Email - on-line access

           Suffocation and Performance - As quick as will be

           Ensure Synchronize - Work with two or additional computers

           Secure - Keep confidential information personal

           Compression - Keep your files tiny

           Automation - Set it and forget it

           Advanced Customization - an outstanding array of choices

          visual image and 64-bit Compatible - Tested and optimized for Vista

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